South Africa's Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene has to pull off a political balancing act standing on a very thin beam resting on fickle shoulders. Photo: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg
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ANC sticks South Africa with austerity

The 2015 national budget was more keenly anticipated than in any previous year. The reason – the South African economy is worsening and everyone stands to lose out; the question on everyone’s mind was who loses what and how much: higher taxes for high income earners; more levies and stealth taxes for the middle classes; less government spending on the poor; below inflation increases on social grants

African Identity

When did being attractive become synonymous with looking young? Photo: Shutterstock
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The Myth of Aging

Dye the greys, Botox the lines, cut up the face: when did our societies (no doubt with the help of mass western patriarchal media) turn looking your age into a curse? When did being attractive become synonymous with looking young? It is a victory for this conditioning, an indictment and a failure in imagination that beauty has been cordoned off to such pinched boundaries

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Nigerians wait In line to vote during a past election. Photo: US Department of State
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Political madmen and specialists

Even at the tamest of times, Nigeria can be an infuriating address. In an election season, it becomes maddening, a space where nothing is sacred any more. Lies, which are often the politician’s favorite currency, enter a festering phase. Tall tales are traded across partisan divides. In the age of the Internet, where the most mendacious of claims needs a mere click to travel all over the globe, overzealous party apparatchiks and hirelings thrive, waxing with perverse energy. Every imaginable lie—and many unimaginable ones—are manufactured and put into circulation

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