The King of Kings of Africa: Muammar al-Gaddafi was singularly focused on turning Africa into his kingdom. (Photo: WIki)
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The truth about Gaddafi: He was no friend of Africans. He only wanted to rule them

Many Africans consider felled Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi a hero. It’s not uncommon to see people on social media people use his photo as their profile picture or even post comments about how his removal from power and murder robbed Africa of its best leader. That Gaddafi for some people shares the same exalted place in the pantheon of great African heroes as Nelson Mandela is a shame. Gaddafi only cared for Africans when he wanted something in return. Don’t take our word for it, here is the truth about what Gaddafi thought of Africans in his won words and those of the people close to him.

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Saint or sinner: Many Africans love the slain Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi but at home he was and still is widely loathed. (Photo: William Murphy via
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Reader’s response: Take it from a Libyan,Gaddafi was terrible

What kind of leader was Muammar Gaddafi to his people? Last Tuesday, This Is Africa published a piece about Gaddafi and the opinions he held about Africans. The article concluded that he was an unrepentant racist. Many This Is Africa readers reacted furiously to the piece calling it “propaganda” and “inaccurate”. One of our readers Rabab Douwa, a Libyan herself, begs to differ. Here is her response to those who are defending Gaddafi.

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That smile:  We want to see more of this kind of image. (Photo: Jake Stimpson via
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Launching “This Is My Africa” campaign

We’ve noted a lot of interest in our piece about the Google Image results you get when you search “African Children”. We can tell you care about how the world sees Africa and so do we. Let’s do something about it, TOGETHER. We’re launching a new multimedia campaign to help promote positive images about Africa which we’re calling “This Is My Africa”. The bad news is the task ahead is massive. The good news is we know that with all of on our side, failure is impossible.

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(L) Migrants of sub-Saharan origin wait after disembarking from Italian Navy ship 'Comandante Bettica' in the harbour of Catania, Italy, 20 September 2015. Photo: ANP/Epa/Giuseppe Lami
(R) A couple with their faces painted in the flags of the European Union and Great Britain kiss in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on June 19, 2016. referendum.  Photo: ANP/AFP/Carstensen
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Brexit, Coloniality and Democracy – an African perspective on Britain’s exit from the European Union

EU policies towards Africa and the rest of the Global South are unhelpful to the ordinary African. It is against this backdrop that we must see Britain’s EU referendum and use what we have already seen the EU do to its poorer member countries to craft more critical and useful thoughts on how Africa can respond to developments such as Brexit.

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