Stowaways climb on top of Mauritania's iron ore train in the town of Choum. Photograph: REUTERS
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Exploiting minerals, exploiting communities

History has seen many instances of the siphoning off of Africa’s riches, however, present-day culprits are not only from outside of the continent, but include unaccountable African officials and corporations. Foreign organisations collaborate with illegal transnational networks that facilitate the illicit flows of extractives from impoverished countries. The result is the persistence of grinding poverty in areas that appear to be blessed with plentiful resources.

African Identity

Photo: Trevor Davies/IPS
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‘Vending’, Zimbabwe’s economic ‘shock doctrine’ and ‘socialism of the rich’

Vendors and informal traders in Zimbabwe are not a problem, let alone THE problem. They are citizens exercising their right to earn a living even though they still barely manage to make ends meet. And in this case they are ‘workers’ because they are working to send their children to school, try and get them the best possible healthcare, pay other bills and at least make an honest living. It will be hard to find someone in government or some of the increasingly monopolistic companies doing the same

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