Are there too many children in South Africa's prisons? Photo: Michael Coghlan/ Flickr

A South African shame: children in prisons

Within the bill of rights of the Constitution of South Africa there is a section which outlines a set of separate, additional rights for children. Section 28 provides a stronger set of rights for children than for adults, including the right for a child not to be detained except as a measure of last resort, recently explored in the Constitutional Court judgement in the Radhuva case. Are children in South Africa being held in adult prisons for too long and are they being rehabilitated?

African Identity

Gandhi the racist?: Many Africans are coming to terms with the fact that Mahatma Gandhi - despite his independence hero credentials - was no friend of black Africans. (Photo: Pulse Ghana via
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Woke alert: “Gandhi Must Fall” campaign gathers steam in Ghana

In these “woke” times, historical figures with controversial views aren’t having an easy time in Africa. Idols are being toppled – literally and figuratively – left,right and centre. A case in point is in Ghana where a campaign to remove a statue of Mahatma Gandhi from the campus of the University of Ghana is currently gaining momentum. Campaigners say Gandhi, the celebrated granddaddy of the non-violent movement, said a few too many racist things to be considered a friend of Africans. Should Gandhi be judged on the sum of his life or on the basis of a few undeniably racist comments?

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