African Identity

I am an Africa: There is a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from Thabo Mbeki's great speech. (Photo: Picture by Henry Trotter/Wikimedia)
african identity

Video: Is Thabo Mbeki’s “I am an African” a great speech or the greatest speech. Period?

Say what you will about Thabo Mbeki but he is pure class. Besides being the quintessential statesman, he is also one of the greatest orators of all time. We mean that sincerely. Mbeki at the peak of his powers can hold his own against Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, you name them. Unlike those storied names, Mbeki does get enough respect for his oratorical gifts. We figured we’d do our part to change that so we took a deep dive into the archives to plug the speech he is most well known for: “I am an African”. Enjoy!

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