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Takura is a renowned blogger, social, economic and human rights activist based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Fidel Castro
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Africa’s Struggle History Absolves Fidel Castro

And yes we read the biographies, watched the movies, documentaries and even witnessed a handshake between Raul Castro and Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. We saw the continually negative coverage of Cuba (as will be the case during Fidel’s memorial services) in the now global media and argued over why his socialism wrongly curtailed freedom of expression.


Africa and the Panama Papers: Waiting on Popular Disapproval

What is however required in the short and long term is a new popular African approach to off shore accounts and deals that hide the movement of money and avoidance of tax via illicit deals. This is because it is our political and business elite that are involved with a level of impunity that indicates that they do not see themselves getting into any sort of trouble if they are caught.

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Zim, Zambia’s man-made, colonial legacy electricity crisis

It was always going to be a man made crisis. That is the power shortages being experienced by Zimbabwe and Zambia due to the sharp drop in water levels at the world’s largest man-made water reservoir, Kariba Dam. The government of Zimbabwe and it’s electricity supplier Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) are at pains to explain the primary cause as being that of low rainfall last year.