Coco Mbassi. Photo: 
photographer695/ Flickr
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Coco Mbassi: Bercail passion !

Plus de dix ans après, elle est revenue renouer avec des fans et mélomanes qui ne l’ont pas oubliée. Donnant un coup de canif à cette musique éphémère qui semble accaparer la jeune génération. Ce faisant, elle a démontré que la bonne musique avait toujours sa place au Cameroun et rassuré son monde sur un avenir qu’on lui souhaite plus fructueux tant sa voix et ses compositions apaisent et font méditer.

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Baruwa. Photo: Moni Baruwa

Going countless miles with Moni Baruwa

Moni Baruwa is the founder of CountlessMiles, a travel start-up that aims to change the culture of travel in Africa by curating for its clients unique destination experiences within and outside the continent. In this interview, she talks about her business, her journeys, sexism in Nigeria and more


Hendri Herbst Photo: WinePilot.
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Hendri Herbest: My Life is a Message

23 year old Paralympian swimmer Hendri Herbest was born prematurely, three weeks ahead of his due date. His mother told him that the first time she looked into blue eyes she sensed something was wrong. His father, then a general practitioner in a small town in Limpopo, South Africa, ran a series of tests and upon realising that there really was something wrong with Hendri’s eyes, his parents went searching for answers.