Have you no shame?

Have you ever looked at a map? Do you watch the news? Or are you too busy fixing your make-up and plotting your next big stunt to gain media traction?

Africa is a huge continent as an African I myself have not seen it all let alone a privileged Irish man. If you have seen a map you would realize Ebola is only in three countries in West Africa. So thank you for singing about an entire region of eighteen countries. You are too generous.

I just wanted to voice a few problems I have with your Ebola single:

1. Do Africans know it’s Christmas? Could you be more condescending?

2. Nice job getting all white privileged people to sing the song did no one tell you that most Africans are black and can sing songs themselves. Oh, in fact, let me educate you: we have a music industry, an award show called the MAMAs, we even have MTV Africa; maybe you could Google it and see who our artists are and maybe they can show you the innovation and new style of music we create in Africa. Maybe then you will see that we don’t need a reused song.

3. There is already an Ebola song produced in Africa by Africans which is a million times better than your song you probably didn’t know that because you don’t really know anything about Africa do you?

4. How reprehensible a person are you? I would like to reiterate my question to all the artists: Have you no shame? You use a dying (or dead) woman as the opening scene to your music video? That is somebody’s child; that is somebody’s mother, somebody’s provider, but you have used her as an object to fulfil your selfish goal of bringing attention to yourself

5. For you older generation, I don’t feel as hurt by you as I do the younger generation. One Direction, were you not in “Africa”? Did you learn nothing from the people? Did you learn nothing from all your travels?

It’s called respect, you want people to respect you for jumping around singing songs… Fair enough, but if you can’t respect the situation of others then you are worth nothing to this world. Take the millions you made from exploiting your population away from our home because we don’t need self-centred musicians to fight this fight for us. We have each other and those with good intentions.