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We all need mythical heroes

On a study tour in faraway Estonia, veteran Kenyan journalist Wycliffe Muga finds familiar parallels between the Eastern European country’s mythical hero “Kalevipoeg” and “Gor Mahia”, the larger-than-life figure from Luo mythology. It turns out – whether in Europe or Africa – our “mythical heroes” say more about us and our fears than we would like to admit.

Jacqueline Wambui, HIV Activist who even after being diagnosed with HIV retains a positive outlook on life.  (Photo via  Jacqueline Wambui)
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“Women need options when a man says no to a condom”: An interview with Kenyan HIV activist Jacque Wambui

In much of Africa, HIV is no longer the medieval plague it used to be. Which is not to say the virus still doesn’t pose a significant threat to the continent’s future. HIV is a wily fiend and our hard-earned gains can be quickly eroded if complacency slips in. Thankfully, as Kenyan HIV activist Jacqueline Wambui explains to Dr. Diana Wangari in this interview, science is helping keep the virus at bay by giving women greater control in the bedroom than they’ve traditionally had.

KNH medical team operating on conjoined twins blessing and Favour Photo: Kenyatta National Hospital/Facebook

Kenya: Conjoined twins separated in historic marathon 23-hour surgery

Today we celebrate a remarkable medical achievement, a first in Sub Saharan Africa in which a team of medical specialists at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and School of Health Sciences (University of Nairobi) successfully separated conjoined twins in a marathon 23-hour operation. The Sacrophagus twins who were joined at the lower back were born on the 4th of September and it took over 50 specialists to perform this remarkable operation. We celebrate this great milestone and applaud the entire team for the great feat.

Pupils writing examination for their respective subject Photo: kaitpcnamibia.blogspot

Kenya: Exam council bans clipboards, all stationery to be carried in transparent bags

The expression desperate times call for desperate measures couldn’t be more apt to describe the directive by Kenyan education authorities banning clipboards and geometry set boxes from exam rooms to curb cheating. The country’s examination council, which has been struggling to restore its integrity, tarnished by malpractices has said all writing materials should be carried in transparent bags.

Children stand on stage during a pageant hosted by the Albinism Society of Kenya in Nairobi on October 21, 2016. Billed by organisers as the first pageant of its kind, young men and women competed for the title of Miss and Mr Albinism Kenya. Photo: ANP/ AFP Tony Karumba

BeautyBeyondTheSkin: Kenya hosts inaugural Mr and Miss Albinism beauty pageant

People with albinism (PWAs) have faced unprecedented discrimination and persecution in parts of Africa, particularly in Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi in recent years. To fight discrimination, persecution, stigmatisation, and alienation Kenya’s Albinism Society held its inaugural Mr and Miss Albino beauty pageant, an annual campaign to promote self awareness of PWAs in the society.