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Africa’s future is urban

Africa’s future is urban. Quality of life for Africa’s city dwellers will, however, directly depend on the quality of urban governance. Urbanisation can spur development but under current conditions, it is more likely to compound Africa’s structural challenges. Making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable as stipulated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is no easy task.

"We must confront uncomfortable truths in the feminist movement and name how whiteness plays out" - @mattersearth #AWIDForum (image courtesy of
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We made Black Feminist Magic in Bahia

The Black Feminisms Forum (BFF), held in Bahia, Brazil, from 5 to 6 September 2016, brought together black feminists from different communities and contexts across the globe to celebrate the contribution of black feminisms to knowledge, practice and struggles for self-determination and justice. OluTimehin Adegbeye recounts what it felt like to be in a space where black feminists where celebrated and loved.

Momberg directed anger and vitriol at the police officers Photo: Times Live

Racism remains South Africa’s enduring problem

The dust has hardly settled on the Penny Sparrow hate speech case, and South Africa is embroiled in yet another racism incident. In a video which emerged last week, Vicki Momberg a victim of a smash-and-grab crime is captured spewing insults at black police officers shouting: “One k***** is bad enough…The k*****s here in Johannnesburg are terrible”, “We got a low calibre people working. If I see a black person, I will drive them over. If I have a gun, I will shoot everyone”.

Former Chadian dictator Hissene Habre (C) is escorted by prison guards into the courtroom for the first proceedings of his trial by the Extraordinary African Chambers in Dakar on July 20, 2015. AFP PHOTO / SEYLLOU
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Habré guilty as charged

There were loud cheers, ululation and sighs of relief in the courtroom of the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC) in Senegal on Monday 30 May after Burkinabe judge, Gberdao Gustave Kam, convicted former Chadian president Hissène Habré and sentenced him to life imprisonment. The decision, which comes 26 years after Habré fled his native Chad, was, without a doubt, a long time coming.

Front cover of Kindred. Photo: Beacon Press
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The living’s mission to save the ancestors

It is about 30 years since Mark Dery coined the term ‘Afro futurism’, a loose literary and cultural movement that connects science fiction, fantasy, history, science and the destiny of Afro-Americans and Africans. Percy Zvomuya has just finished reading Octavia Butler’s novel Kindred and wonders if there is something that Afro-American science fiction shares with Shona spirituality.