Burundi has banned motorbikes from central Bujumbura following a series of grenade attacks by bombers on motorcycles, the mayor of Bujumbura Freddy Mbonimpa said.

According to reports men on motorbikes, a common form of transportation this week hurled three grenades in the Central Business District, killing one person, and two other blasts were reported, which killed one child and wounded many.

According to the BBC, announcing the ban, Mbonimpa said, “Police found that criminals often carry grenades in bags or baskets,” and the motorcycle taxis are used by the criminals who detonate grenades in the city.

Many people have been fleeing parts of Burundi's capital that have seen anti-government protests Photo: AP/BBC

Many people have been fleeing parts of Burundi’s capital that have seen anti-government protests Photo: AP/BBC

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) yesterday said it has treated more than 60 people after a series of grenade explosions in several locations across Bujumbura.

Two other grenade attacks wounded dozens of people, 55 of the injured were treated at l’Arche, MSF’s trauma centre in Bujumbura, MSF said.

The reports of attacks and explosions have raised concern over the security situation in the country, with fears that the instability could spiral out of control.

The ongoing political crisis over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s extension of his presidency has not shown any signs of receding. Efforts to broker peace have not been successful and the security situation remains worrisome.

According to reports, “more than 230,000 refugees have…fled to neighbouring countries,” and at least 400 people have been killed since April when the fighting began.

Source: BBC