Following a flurry of racist remarks which ensued after MAC Cosmetics last week posted an image of the lips of Ugandan model Aamito Lagum, the model has responded to the racist comments.

MAC  Cosmetics shared a picture of the model wearing its “Matte Royal” lip colour at the New York Fashion Week, with the caption: “Royal romance at @ohnetitelny #AW16. #MACBackstage #NYFW.”

Lagum’s picture on Instagram drew the ire of racists who made nasty remarks about the model’s full lips. The picture currently has 113 thousand likes and 35 thousand comments, with some IG users coming out in support of the model.

Since the picture was posted, racists have been in overdrive posting racial slurs on Instagram deriding the model’s lips, nose and Blackness.

Responding to the insults, the model wrote on Instagram: “My lips giving you sleepless nights. On @maccosmetics IG. Thankyou @maccosmetics for this killer color and to that makeup artist .ama get me 3 of these”.

Lagum also posted on her Twitter account and users on the platform are rallying behind her under several hashtags, which include: #PrettyLipsPeriod  and #UgandanOnTheRise.

MAC has since issued a statement saying: “MAC stands for and respects All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. We do not tolerate any abusive comments in our community,” Digiday reported.

The racism incident has indeed caused a furore and continues to be heavily criticised on various social media platforms.

The case once again highlights that racism is still rife across the American society.

Such cases of racial slurs in America often point to entrenched racism and the country is still struggling to rid itself of the blight.

Source: Instagram