The story of a smart and articulate Kenyan former homeless boy, Morris Mwenda has touched many hearts. The 15 year-old was brought off the streets by #HomelessOfNairobi, and spoke about his desire to become a lawyer.

Now his dream has come true, Mwenda was given the opportunity of a lifetime, meeting the county’s Chief Justice, Dr. Willy Mutunga.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the young boy engages in a lively chat with Dr. Mutunga and receives a copy of Kenya’s Constitution.

The boy who only studied until Standard 8 lived on the streets for a year until the was taken off the streets by HomelessOfNairobi.

Speaking on his difficult childhood, Mwenda says, “I suffered from family discrimination. They did not want me and fought a lot. My father was a polygamist and a drunkard”.

However, against all odds, the boy’s life has gone through a dramatic turn. The boys is back in school and has big dreams. During his meeting with the Chief Justice, Mwenda expressed his gratitude after being offered an opportunity to intern at the Supreme Court during school holidays.

In a world inundated with negative stories about homeless children, Mwenda’s story is indeed extraordinary. Videos on the young boy’s dreams and aspirations highlight one of Kenya’s remarkable stories.

Watch the clip below:

Source: Homeless Of Nairobi,