A picture posted on African National Congress (ANC) Joburg’s Twitter account showing a young woman from Jamaica, erricealicia clad in a revealing swimsuit has caused an uproar on social media.

The picture was captioned, “What do [you] make of this new ANC swimwear? #Registration Week #VoteANC,”

After receiving a backlash from users, ANC Jozi immediately removed the image from its account and issued an apology: “Comrades we apologise for the tweet we posted earlier it was inappropriate”.

The ANC Jozi appropriated the picture and posted it on its account. The image was initially posted on Instagram by erricealicia with the caption: “repping my Jamaica colors today???? pool time ???? #erricealiciadesigns #erricealiciabeachwear #carribeangirl #proudjamaican”.

Infuriated by the picture on the ANC Jozi’s Twitter account, social media users made various insinuations, outraged at the image’s perceived sexist meanings.

Users criticised the ANC Jozi for posting a picture which “objectifies” and “denigrates” women. A Facebook user, Kopano Tmt Hlongoane wrote: “has ANC forgotten that it is NOT a social club but a political party or have they forgotten that they lead our country, they are supposed to educate young females to be representable & respect their bodies & NOT flash them to the public”.

While a lot of people have posted their disapproval, the swimsuit picture has divided opinion, with some users defending the image. A Facebook user, @Zola Dlamini wrote: “This is a Jamaican colour blended swimsuit which shares colours of the movement and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Damn, it’s nice and sexy”.

Source: Twitter and Facebook