Football is regarded as the world’s most popular sport and is able to bring together people from different backgrounds in the spirit of respect and tolerance despite fans supporting different teams and soccer personalities.

What also makes the game beautiful is the friendly banter associated with its icons. The debate over who is the greatest footballer light up any discussion, usually inconclusively.

However, a soccer discussion after a birthday party celebrated the previous night in Mumbai tragically ended after a Nigerian man murdered a friend following an argument over whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s best footballer.

The 21 year-old Michael Chukwuma, reportedly got into a fight with his friend and roommate Obina Durumchukwu, 34. Durumchukwu threw a glass into Chukwuma’s face, who then stabbed Durumchukwu, Sky News reported

The police said, “A discussion over the best current footballer led to the incident” and Chukwuma has been charged with murder.

Source: Sky News