Conservationists and community members in Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy teamed up last week to rescue a young elephant stuck in mud, in an amazing rescue operation caught on camera.

The young elephant was stuck overnight but the “20-year-old bull was dehydrated and frightened, but placed a lot of trust in the team that had come to help” the Conservancy said.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Isiolo, posted a video by Batian Craig on its Facebook page showing the rescue operation. In the video the dehydrated elephant is given water, which is poured into its trunk.

According to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, after “100 litres of water later, lots of digging, pulling, 3 cars and the whole community behind him, the joint team managed to get him out and he walked away”.

After the rescue, the elephant which didn’t appear injured is seen gingerly walking away from the scene and the Conservancy has revealed that the elephant is in good health saying, “We are delighted to report that the elephant has since been sighted and is doing well”.

Watch more video clips here courtesy of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Video credit: BBC

Source: Lewa Wildlife Conservancy