After a 27 year civil war that devastated Angola, an enterprising company in the capital Luanda is converting the remnants of the conflict to good use. The weapons which still lie around the city have provided fodder to start a steel mill reportedly at a cost of $300million.

K2L Capital, a company based in Luanda launched the steel mill, based in Barra de Dande. The mill will use scrap metal, guns and other abandoned weapons, remnants of the conflict as a source of raw material, providing employment opportunities while also getting rid of the weapons, which also pose a threat to people.

Fonderie 47′s jewelry is made of repurposed steel from AK-47s taken out of war zones in parts of Africa.

Other ways of recycling decommissioned arms.

  • Arms to art movements:  Artists in Mozambican have been involved in melding guns and recycling the weapons used in the 16 year civil war into art. Artists in other parts of Africa such as Liberia also make artefacts from remnants of the war.
  • Recycling arms into jewellery. Fonderie 47, a company turns decommissioned African AK47’s into wearable art. The initiative funds gun destruction in Africa. To date, more than 40000 assault rifles have been destroyed.  Artists around the world also recycle components of guns into wearable jewellery.
  • Disassembled guns can be recycled into construction materials.

Source: CNN