Hardly a month after six lions strayed from a Kenyan national park, another incident of a lion escaping from a game park has been reported in Nairobi.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has announced that the lion attacked a man, but the situation has been “taken control of” and the man has since been taken to hospital.

A video shared on social media shows the lion running along the road with motorists hooting at the animal.

On social media, Nairobi residents are questioning the frequency of animals escaping from the game park and called on wildlife authorities to improve the park’s security.

Twitter user @elche_087 wrote: “@kwskenya‪ @rashebra U guys need to up your game we are battling Inflation Sportpesa addiction and other ills this we can’t handle lions”.

Another user, ‪@Washe26 posted: “‪‪@kwskenya‪ something is happening in Nairobi National Park which we aren’t being told. Those lions can’t keep wandering out for no reason”.

Incidences of lions straying are not uncommon in several parts of Africa, and in areas where game parks border rural communities, the escaped animals pose a serious threat to humans and livestock.

Source: Twitter and Facebook