In a landmark High Court ruling, Malawi has banned traditional healers from operating in the country to curb the attacks and murders of albinos.

According to reports from Malawi, the order was granted by Mzuzu High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise, and the injunction also bans the media from running advertisements on herbalists.

The order comes barely a week after the country banned foreign witch doctors from practising in the country, in an intervention to protect albinos.

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The ban, comes with less than two weeks before the International Albinism Awareness Day, commemorated on 13 June to raise attention on albinism, which is remains profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically.

Last year, Tanzania banned witch doctors in a similar bid to curb the spate of attacks on albinos.

People with albinism continue to face several forms of discrimination. The persecution and attacks on albino people in Malawi has been increasing There have been several cases reported of albinos being murdered and maimed for their body parts, falsely believed to bring wealth and power.

The government has been criticised for its perceived lethargic approach on protecting people with albinos. However, in recent months, Malawi has stepped up efforts to stop albino killings. President Peter Mutharika recently noted that he is “ashamed of albino attacks” calling on church leaders to help curb the persecution.

The High Court ruling it thus a welcome and progressive development in the fight against the marginalization and persecution of people with albinism based on false beliefs and myths.

Source: MaraviPost