TIA Website Advertisement Options

  • Leaderboard 728×90
  • Rectangle 300×250
  • Skinned Home Page (Custom)
  • Advertorials (website and social media)
  • Social media promos

Leaderboard (728X90)Cost per month
Home pageUS$ 1280
Category pageUS$ 1 080
Rectangle Banners (300×250)Cost per month
Home pageUS$  480
Category pageUS$  380
AdvertorialsCost per month
Single use: Text with images (jobs, press release)US$ 1118
Post up to 5 articles (job advert, press release) per month for 3 months with text and imagesUS$ 2118
Social media posts/promo (5 Twitter and 3 Facebook)US$ 308 per day
Home page take over (skin)US$ 798 per day


For more information, please contact Nancy Onyango – Operations Director

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