Britain, one of Malawi’s former donors and coloniser, last night declared its intention to purchase $26 million worth of drugs and other medical items to be delivered directly to the impoverished country’s medical stores, Times Live reported. Britain said that its intention is to bypass the dubious state systems.

This decision comes after an announcement by Malawi’s international donors last week of its intention to maintain the freeze on $150 million of vital aid to the southern African country. Malawi has been been embroiled in a high-level corruption scandal, also known as the Cashgate Scandal, since last year.

In February this year, a report commissioned by President Joyce Banda found that $30 million had gone missing from state coffers in a period of 6 months. The implication of senior officials in the scandal forced her to fire her entire cabinet as a result of the biggest financial scandal to ever hit Malawi.

International donors provide 40% of Malawi’s national budget.

Source: Times Live