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Khwezi: A Daily Remembrance

On the 6th of August, as President Zuma gave his speech at the IEC, three brave women stood up and reminded the world of Khwezi, the woman who was run out of the country after accusing Zuma of rape. To many, Khwezi represents the many survivors and victims who never got justice, the tormenting destiny that awaits anyone who reports sexual assault and the disregard society has for women’s bodies. Writer, Wairimũ Murĩithi explores the meaning of this memory and it’s impact in the fight to eradicate rape culture.

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Kerma: 7 Cool Facts

Did you know: Kerma (also known as Dukki Gel) was the capital city of the Kingdom of Kerma which existed 5,500 years ago and was located in present day Sudan. Producing decades of research and excavations, Kerma is one of the largest archaeological sites in ancient Nubia. Here are 7 cool facts on Kerma from Professor Charles Bonnet.