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No place to hide: What reformed Swiss banking law and monitoring of local funds transfers means for grand corruption in Africa

Over the years, Africans have watched helplessly as large sums – sometimes in the billions of US dollars – were stolen with impunity from public coffers. This money then seemed to just vanish into thin air. However, as veteran Kenyan journalist Wycliffe Muga reports from Nairobi, without much fanfare, the noose has steadily been tightening on all such beneficiaries of official corruption.


Otodo Gbame Demolition: How Victims of Lagos’s Forced Demolitions Survive – One Day at a Time

In Lagos, Nigeria, over 30 000 citizens living in the waterfront settlement of Otodo Gbame, Lekki, were rendered homeless when the state government’s task force demolished the settlement on 9 April 2017. Ever since, life has taken a turn for the worst for the evicted people. Most of them have found refuge in other slum settlements across Lagos state and are surviving on donations. This essay looks at the present living and economic situation of the Otodo Gbame evictees.