The unidentified man was said to have demonstrated how to use the gowns for a while before walking away, leaving the used gowns at the roundabout.

According to a report by Freetown-based Awareness Times, the action of the man exposes how careless the Ebola Burial Team, which is tasked with burying victims of the Ebola Virus, and health workers are. The protective suits are supposed to be buried along with the victims, to minimise risks of infection.

Awareness Times spoke to Alimamy Conteh, a currency trader at PZ Roundabout, who said the man “who was putting on a protective gear arrived at PZ with a bundle of the outfits. He then removed the one he was putting on then put on another leaving the one he just removed at the roundabout and went away.”

Sierra Leone is one of the countries battling an outbreak of the Ebola virus – a war WHO says may be lost if more is not done to contain the virus.