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Are elections a waste of time? Elections in Africa are always seen as unnecessary expensive formalities, a waste of time. True or false? During campaigns opposition parties garner support from thousands of youth but in most cases the incumbent is reinstated back to power. This is usually orchestrated by rigging of elections and intimidation of opposition supporters. On numerous occasions, imperial forces have propped their support for the incumbent regimes that support their vested economic interests.

Kenyan elections

Kenya on a knife-edge as Supreme Court fails to hear petition to postpone vote

The Chief Justice of Kenya, David Maraga today could not hear a petition filed by three Kenyan voters seeking to stop the presidential elections tomorrow because the Supreme Court failed to make quorum. The majority of Supreme Court judges failed to turn up for the decisive hearing, plunging Kenya deeper into a political crisis. The situation in the country is tense as the country stands on a knife-edge.