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Are elections a waste of time? Elections in Africa are always seen as unnecessary expensive formalities, a waste of time. True or false? During campaigns opposition parties garner support from thousands of youth but in most cases the incumbent is reinstated back to power. This is usually orchestrated by rigging of elections and intimidation of opposition supporters. On numerous occasions, imperial forces have propped their support for the incumbent regimes that support their vested economic interests.

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How maize, Kenya’s staple food, may shape the upcoming election

Kenyans go to the polls this August. Among the issues that are ‘do or die’ for the candidates is the cost of maize flour, which has been rising steadily for the last year. Several surveys have shown that Kenyans are angry, with respondents saying President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration has failed to bring down the cost of basic necessities like food and does not deserve a second chance.