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Walking through Kibra’s Nubian Culture

Nubians settled in Kibra, about five kilometres from the Nairobi City Centre, starting from about 1911, then again in 1917-18. They were originally reserve troops in 17 garrisons aiding the British imperial campaign. Collectively called “Nubians”, they comprise groups such as the Dinka, Muru, Kotoria, Bari, Kuku and Lendu. The Lendu trace their origins to the Congo while the rest, to Sudan.

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African Cities and Journalism: the past in heated conversation with the future

The theme of this year’s Highway Africa Conference at Rhodes University in South Africa is ‘Journalism and the City’. It is a theme that conference organizers have explained is intended to help expand the debate around the media’s ‘urban’ narratives and representation of the poor ahead of the Africities Summit to be held later on in the year.

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Africa’s Historic Moment: The birth of a Pan-African Food Security Assembly

The ills facing Africa today, including low agricultural productivity under a changing climate to Africa’s socio-economic growth, are widely documented. A consequence of low agricultural productivity, Africa spends more than US$ 35 billion annually on food imports, while food worth up to US$ 48 billion is lost annually in the postharvest and a further 6.6 million tonnes of potential grain harvest – enough to meet annual calorific needs of approximately 30 million people – is written off as productivity loss due to degraded ecosystems.