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The rise of gun ownership and gun clubs among African Americans

When people think of gun ownership in the United States, the visage of a white man usually comes to mind; proselytizing and championing gun ownership usually seems to come from the mouths of white men. The image of a Black person advocating and asserting their legal rights to gun ownership isn’t really shown, and one might assume that gun ownership in the U.S. is a domain for white people.

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Reality Bites: What future for Mozambique?

The expression “Mozambique is maningue nice,” meaning “Mozambique
is very nice” from a mix of languages, has become increasingly popular, especially among the country’s
urbanised elite. Indeed, Mozambique’s recent mineral-resources boom, based on the
discovery and exploitation of vast coal and natural gas reserves, has suddenly reshaped
the prospects for economic and social development, and raised hopes for a brighter future
across all strata of Mozambican society.