Senegal’s leading online publication quoted Ambassador Christophe Bigot saying that the seizure will take place anytime soon.

Following the decision, Oumar Sarr, one of the outspoken leaders of Senegal’s former ruling Parti Démocratique Sénégalais, slammed the French government for its “double standards”.

Weeks ago, Senegal requested France to confiscate Karim Wade’s apartments on grounds that the former President’s son had fraudulently possessed the property.

The Swiss government has taken a similar action  by seizing some luxury cars owned by Teodoro Nguema, the son of Africa’s longest serving president in Equatorial Guinea.

In France, the move had been delayed for weeks due to a counter submission by Mr. Wade’s lawyers, France’s ambassador to Senegal Christophe Bigot said.

Over the last weeks, the opposition in Senegal has been jubilating over the French High Court’s delay in confiscating Mr. Wade’s apartments located in Paris’ 16th district.

The opposition had described the Court’s move as “legally correct”.

But this week, the French diplomat explained that the French High Court needed time to examine the counter submission and hence the delay but found endorsed the request by the Senegalese government.

Over the last month, tension was conspicuous between Dakar and Paris over France’s delay in executing Senegal’s request to confiscate two of Karim’s apartments.

Senegal made the request in keeping with an anti-corruption court verdict which found Mr. Wade guilty of swindling millions of dollars and illegally owning properties abroad.

A Presidential decree that granted pardon to Mr. Wade on 24 June 2016, which curtailed his six year-jail (after spending four) did not exonerate the former minister from financial sanctions and recovery of stolen wealth including cash and unmovable assets.

Mr. Wade arrived in France early last month from the United Arab Emirates where he has been leaving since President Macky Sall granted him a pardon ostensibly following mediation by Qatari leaders.

President Sall’s government is pursuing him for embezzling millions of dollars of public funds when he held several ministerial positions during his father’s 12 year-rule that ended in 2012.

Several other former senior officials of ex-President Abdoulaye Wade’s government are being pursued for also allegedly embezzling millions of dollars from public funds.

Mr. Wade is the incumbent standard bearer of his father’s Parti Democratique Sénégalaise and has declared his intention to run for the presidency in 2018.

Nevertheless, his candidacy could likely be rejected in keeping with an electoral provision that stipulates that candidates for the presidency should be clean of criminal records including embezzling of public funds.