Gambia has repealed a controversial a directive, which stipulated that all female government workers should cover their hair during office hours.

The ban, issued this month drew widespread criticism from the Gambia’s opposition, lobby groups and the public.

However, following the public discontentment, reports say in a statement on state radio, the presidency announced the directive has been lifted.

According to the BBC, the statement said, “Women are (Mr Jammeh’s) best friends, they are his sisters and he is here for their wellbeing and happiness at all times,”

“That being the case, this decision that makes them unhappy has been lifted”.

President Yahya Jammeh recently received praise for criticising female genital mutilation (FGM). The country’s parliament then passed a bill banning the practice, a development which was welcomed and extolled by rights groups.

While Jammeh’s government has made some seemingly progressive decisions, the county has been criticised by some rights campaign groups for “worsening restrictions on civil liberties”.

Source: BBC