The road to a presidential victory in Liberia isn’t easy. George Weah, a two time presidential candidate is very much aware of that. Victory seems certain for the former World Footballer of the year.

Prior to the announcement that there would be a runoff election between Weah and his main contestant, Joseph Boakai the current Vice President of Liberia, Weah was already trending on Twitter. Congratulatory tweets mentioned Weah’s historic feat as some said “the first footballer to be a president”. On and on it went despite announcements from Liberia’s electoral commission that the official results were not yet confirmed.

Arsenal’s coach, Weah’s former coach at Monaco Arsene Wenger also sent a congratulatory message to the supposed president elect, but later he would send an apology. A video of young Weah receiving the Ballon D’Or in 1995 and dedicating it to Wenger went viral.

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Although Weah led in the polls, he failed to reach the 50 percentile required to win elections. The runoff elections have been scheduled for next month. Whether the news circulated of Weah’s win would eventually influence the runoff elections, it’s still largely unknown. But Weah can boast of having the world behind him.

Liberians look forward to sustained peace and enduring democracy after 14 years of civil war ravaged the country. With Ellen Johnson Sirleaf making a comment of passing the baton to a younger generation, she tacitly might have hit Boakai, her current vice president below the belt. Boakai, 73, has been nicknamed “Sleepy Joe” for his propensity to sleep during public events. His defence was that he’s a dreamer.

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For Weah, 51, being a former World Football Player of the year played a huge role for him. His support for the Liberian national team when he was active in football is greatly remembered.