Ghanaian filmmaker and director Adoma Akosua Owusu and her production company, Obibini Pictures have acquired the adaptation rights of, “On Monday of Last Week” a short story in a collection, The Thing Around Your Neck by renowned Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The short story deals with numerous complex issues and themes which include marriage, race, motherhood, liberalism, alienation and sexuality.

Announcing the acquisition of the rights, Owusu said, “I am excited to announce that my company, Obibini Pictures, LLC recently optioned the exclusive film adaptation rights for ‘On Monday of Last Week’,”

“This film is being created with support from the ‪#‎GuggenheimFoundation and supporters of On Monday of Last Week’s production Kickstarter campaign. Please celebrate with me by sharing this exciting news! I look forward to embarking on this new journey in film direction and, thank you so much for your support!” she added.

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The renowned filmmaker has numerous short films to her credit, which include the award winning ‘Kwaku Ananse’, that received the 2013 African Movie Academy Award, ‘Me Broni Ba’ (My White Baby) and  ‘Bus Nut’.

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Owusu’s films have been screened across the world in prestigious film festivals, museums, galleries, universities and microcinemas. The filmmaker is currently a fellow at the Guggenheim Foundation, and the foundation is also supporting her project.

Through Kickstarter campaign, Owusu is raising funds to finance the film project.

You can support Akosua Adoma Owusu and help raise funds to create the film adaptation for “On Monday of Last Week” by donating through Kickstarter.