With her wedding coming up in a few weeks, all Mzznaki Tetteh wanted to do was share her joy with the world by posting a few engagement photos on her Instagram account.

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But some uncharitable souls on the Internet had other ideas. They posted nasty and mean-spirited comments like “RIP that man’s spine” and “undoubtedly the guy is struggling (look at his face)”.

Class act

Instead of letting the hate of a few shrill trolls get to her, Tetteh showed her class. “Your rubbish comments ain’t ruining my happiness,” she wrote in reply. She’s quickly become a hero to many who see her as the embodiment of grace and poise in the face of a nasty Internet culture that condones body-shaming.

Her fans on Instagram and Facebook are legion. At the time of posting she had more that 40 thousand followers on Instagram and slightly over 4,600 friends on Facebook. She has so many fans, she’s now reportedly hired her own media manager.

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Media buzz 

Her story has attracted a lot international media attention too. The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Huffington Post and the BBC – to mention but a few – have all carried stories about her. But for now, the media in Ghana has her all to themselves and she recently sat down for an interview with Joy News.

Wedding crashers 

Tetteh and her fiancé will be tying the note on the 25th of June. Expect to see many beautiful wedding photos. In the meantime, Tetteh’s new found celebrity could present a bit of a problem on her big day. On the interview with Joy News she said many people – including perfect strangers – have told her and her fiancé that they are planning to attend their wedding as a show of support.

“People are saying we are proud of you two and we’ll be there to support you. And if someone says we’ll be there to support you, you can’t just tell the person no don’t come,” she said.

“We don’t know what to do. We are still planning because whatever we budgeted for now has to be increased,” she added.

Asked if she would be happy if someone offered to pay for their wedding, she replied, smiling “that wouldn’t be a bad idea”.

You heard her people. Step forward and give this hero the wedding she deserves.