“I’ve voted for Guinea-Bissau. This is the last chance, things must change,” said Augusto Francisco da Fonseca Regala, a 55-year-old architect, raising an index finger stained with purple ink to confirm he had cast his ballot. He had just participated in the relatively peaceful election in the West African state from which a record turnout is expected.

Guinea-Bissau’s last attempt at an election, in 2012, was aborted when troops under army chief Antonio Indjai stormed the presidential palace days before a run-off was due to take place.

No elected president has completed a five-year term in the former Portuguese colony, which has become a major transit point for smugglers ferrying Latin American cocaine to Europe.

The final turnout at polling stations is expected to be between 70 and 80 percent, according to a source close to the electoral organisation.

Source: Independent Online