Guinea-Conakry’s President Conde has pledged to close Islamic schools where teachers and students wear the full veil, or niqab, amid rising fears of Islamic extremism in the country and West African region.

Following terror attacks in neighbouring Mali that killed 19 people, President Conde cited the “fight against terrorism” as reason for the decision, Anadolu Agency reported.

“I will close all Quranic schools where students and teachers wear the full veil,” Conde reportedly told a meeting of his Rally of the Guinean People party.

President Conde
Guinea’s President Alpha Conde waves as he arrives at an inauguration ceremony of the passenger harbor of Sandervalia in Conakry October 8, 2015. Photo: Reuters/Luc Gnago

Recently, Senegal announced it is considering banning the burqa owing to the rising fears of Islamic extremism in the country. The country’s interior minister, Abdoulaye Daouda, said “women would no longer be allowed to wear the Islamic dress, which leaves only the eyes exposed,” The Guardian reported.

Daouda said the decision was a national security consideration to prevent terrorists from using the burqa as a disguise.

If the ban is enforced, Guinea would join Cameroon and Chad, who also banned the burqa this year citing similar security reasons following a spate of suicide attacks carried out by veiled bombers.

Source: Anadolu Agency