According to a Premium Times report, Prof. Obafunwa said the T.B. Josua headed church is yet to submit the lodgers list that will help identify all of the 116 people who died in the tragedy.

“It is in the interest of everybody that we have that list. We don’t want a situation whereby somebody will come forward and say ‘I lost a relation’ and meanwhile that relation never existed. I don’t want to run into trouble,” Prof. Obafunwa, said.

The Prof Obafunwa said autopsies conducted by the pathology team revealed that the victims died of ‘traumatic rhabdomyolysis’, or crush injuries in lay man’s terms.

Also at the inquest, Punch reports, a member of SCOAN, Mr. Anthony Vanderbyl, who lost his wife in the tragedy, pleaded for the timely release of the bodies.

“My entire family is in anguish because the body of my wife, the mother of my children, lies in the mortuary. We need to see her, to feel a certain amount of closure. We are asking for a specific day when her body can be released to us, so that we can take her back to South Africa. Please remove whatever obstacles preventing us, we can’t take it anymore,” Mr. Vanderbyl said.

Most of the victims of the building collapse are South African and Prof. Obafunwa revealed that his team is working with South Africa on the case.

“We are working closely with the South African Department of Health. They are assisting us with reference samples and I know that we are moving closer to the end of the process,” he said.

The inquest continues today.