Established in 1954, the International Children’s Day is celebrated annually on November 20th to promote awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.

In 2017 the theme is: It’s a #KidsTakeOver, which envisions the iconic children’s takeover of roles in Politics, Media, Entertainment, Music, Sports and Business.

On this day, UNICEF has invited children from all over the world in various capacities to show their support for other children that are not in school, do not have the protection they need and are uprooted. 

“From Auckland to Amman and from New York to N’Djamena, we want children to campaign in their schools and communities to help save children’s lives, fight for their rights and fulfil their potential.  World Children’s Day will be a day for children, by children,” Justin Forsyth UNICEF Deputy Executive Director said.

The station broadcasts education, entertainment and information content suitable for African children worldwide from kindergarten stage up to 8+ years old. File photo: Children in Accra, Ghana, play while observing closing ceremonies of Africa Endeavor 2010.
Photo by U.S. Army Africa/Flickr

According to recent statistics, about 385 million children live in extreme poverty, 264 million have no access to education and 5.6 million children below five years old died from preventable diseases in 2016.

For this reason, Unicef features a number of activities for the children to take part in today including taking over classes and assemblies in schools to not only voice their support but also fundraise for the issues their peers around the world experience, including early marriages and migration among others.

“We are asking children to take part, online and offline, for a world where every child survives and grows up healthy, educated and protected from harm,” added Forsyth.