The Kenyan couple who spent just $1 on their first wedding renewed their vows in a lavish colorful ceremony which cost an estimated $35,000 and the couple may well be in contention for the wedding of the year award. The wedding was funded by well-wishers after their story went viral on social media and Kenyan people and companies offered to give the couple their dream wedding on Valentine’s Day.

The romantic story of the fruit vendors Wilson Mutura, 27, and his bride Ann Wambui, 24, who live in a poor suburb of Nairobi captured the attention of many people across the world on their wedding which cost them $1. The $1 only and catered for the rings, the bride and groom both wore denim jeans and red T-shirts.

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During the first $1 wedding, there was no bridal team, no flowers, or lavish venue, no cakes, no decorations and no gown for the bride not even a suit for the groom.

Wilson looking snazzy at the lavish wedding ceremony. Photo: Photo: MarkSteve260/Twitter

In their lavish renewed wedding, the sponsors ensured everything was catered for to bring happiness to the young couple who showed the world that love is not about money but just two people coming together with symbols of hope, faith, happiness, and love.

The lavish ceremony

The colorful ceremony had all the modern wedding remarkable decorations, food, entertainment, wedding gown and suit, everything one would expect in a conventional modern wedding.

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According to the company which organized the wedding, contracted by the well-wishers, Slique Events Planner Limited, the event was more than a dream wedding but a romantic celebration of love. It could rival the classic Romeo and Juliet story.

The venue. Photo: Photo: MarkSteve260/Twitter

The couple also received financial support from the well-wishers to help them start a new happy life after the spectacular wedding. One sponsor reportedly gave the couple a small green house farm to start an agribusiness, and another paid for their honeymoon, while others donated various gifts.