The comic scene on the African continent is hardly known and talked about. However, Kugali is changing the narrative of comics on the African continent. The question, “what are Africans doing with comics?” is what led to the set up of Kugali.

Marvel Comics and DC Comics, the two most popular comic publishers are based in the U.S. The Black Panther movie, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, trended for a while. There is an undeniable interest and focus on comics now. Nigerian-American writer Nnedi Okorafor is set to write a comic series based on the Dora Milaje. There are currently questions on where one can get comics on the continent.

Kugali’s focus is on curating African comics. A Kugali magazine could have three comics from three different African creative from different African countries.

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Kugali is currently running a kickstarter which contains a 210 page full-colour African comic anthology from 15 contributors across the continent. Co-founded by Ziki Nelson and Tolu Olowofoyeku, they were influenced by comics from Japan when they kicked off before finally finding their African identity.

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The name Kugali is an alteration of the Kiswahili word ‘kujali’ which means to notice. Since the inception of the magazine in 2016, it has established itself as the face of the African comic community.

Kugali has been curating and promoting African comics, video games, and animations for over two years. The pilot issue for Kugali was first done in black and white. Its first issue will be coloured. Kugali goes the extra step of interviewing the comic book creators and game designers. One of the goals of Kugali is to convert African graphic novels into motion comics. If you’re looking for where you can find more African super heroes, Kugali is the place.

Outcasts of Jupiter overview

Here's a quick overview of what to expect from Outcasts of Jupiter which will appear in the regular edition of the Kugali anthology.#KugaliKickstarter #africanart

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