Sex workers in Delta State, in southern Nigeria have hiked prices allegedly unbeknown to customers, with reports that the sex workers have been attacking customers for failing to settle their bills.

Quoting local news outlets, RT reports that, “the charge of 1,000 Nigerian nairas ($5) for one round of sex was increased to 2,000 nairas ($10), according to a witness. A full night was increased from 5,000 nairas ($25) to 8,000 nairas ($40)”.

However, the sex workers reportedly said they warned the customers of the new charges, although the clients insist they were unaware of the new charges.

“They agreed to pay us 8,000 nairas each and we took them in, after using us, the following morning they were giving us 4,000 nairas as against our bargain and we decided to attack them and beat them mercilessly because we know what brought us to this brothel,” sex worker, Anabel Onweh reportedly said.

Police had to be called to following clashes between the sex workers and their clients, with reports that  customers who failed to pay were left with their clothes torn and forced to drink toilet water.

Sex workers often face various challenges, which include physical abuse by clients and customers refusing to pay for rendered services.

Source: RT