A Hong Kong fortune teller has made a prediction that Republican candidate Donald Trump will win the impending U.S. presidential race and become the next leader of America, CNN reports.

The fortune teller, Priscilla Lan, a practitioner of feng shui, reportedly said the shape of the face is the most important feature of a politician’s face. The fortune teller’s prediction also takes into consideration the candidates’ birthdays and stars (horoscope) and judging by his luck, the White House is surely beckoning to Trump.

According to the CNN Lan, is “about 80%” confident in her prediction that Trump will emerge victorious because, his luck is better than the Democrat hopeful, Hilary Clinton this year. “This year is his year…his fire is stronger than Hilary’s” the prediction says.

If the prediction becomes a reality, then actor Samuel L. Jackson will be moving to South Africa, as the actor promised that if Trump becomes president he will relocate. Jackson made the comment when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in a comedy sketch “The Hateful Eight Ball” last year.

Source: CNN