Calls by U.S. hip hop superstar, Kanye West asking for financial assistance from Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and other Silicon Valley billionaires have certainly caused quite a stir on Twitter.

Claiming to be mired in a $53 million debt, the controversial hip-hop artist pleaded with Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into Kanye West ideas to create what he “really can” since he’s the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time.

However, Twitter didn’t take kindly to West’s comments implying its better to invest in Kanye West ideas than putting money into educational initiatives in various parts of the continent. The artist was trolled and heavily criticised.

Others condemned his perceived narcissistic personality.

Some users took the mickey out of West, for getting his geography wrong by referring to the continent as a country and for asking for help from Facebook owner Zuckerberg on a platform he doesn’t have a personal account. Here are some of the tweets.


Source: Twitter