Today we meet the beautiful  Anlo-Ewe people in south western Ghana. They are particularly known for  dance-drumming, a particularly important aspect of their culture.

Located in the south-western region of Ghana are the Anlo-Ewe people who are believed to have fled Togo around 1400’s taking over the beaches surrounding Ghana. The group lived here until the slave trade came and started shipping off whole communities of people.  They migrated northwards until they settled into some island and lagoon regions.

They are particularly known for  dance-drumming, an important aspect of their culture. The whole community participates in the dancing and this is seen as a way of  promoting the future of the community.  If someone refuses to participate they are rejected from society and are denied the right to be buried.  The drumming events also reflects ranks within the community.

While polygamy is important in this culture, a large number of men only have one wife. Today we share with you some pictures, which shows some aspects of their culture.