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The Gospel According to Olamide

About half a decade ago, rap music in Nigeria was hijacked when local languages removed it from the stranglehold of English. After the untimely death of Yoruba rapper Da Grin, a major crusader for this intellectual capture, the scepter fell into the unlikely hands of a rapper who had been idling around ID Cabasa’s studio. The rapper was Olamide, who released his debut album, Rapsodi, in 2011. Today, Olamide is the most prolific emcee rapping in Yoruba. He has just released The Glory, his sixth studio album in six years.


Rwanda: Gatsata an initiative bringing positive change for women

Rwanda is one of the countries in the world with a high representation of women in leadership especially in the legislature. However, despite the inroads made in gender parity, poverty and HIV/Aids stigma has continued to hinder the progression of women in society. Gatsata, a cooperative of women has been working to empower and provide a second chance to vulnerable and marginalized women.

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Ahmadou Kourouma – portrait of a literary giant

If, in the English-speaking world, he is (mostly) known to university students reading African literature, in the francophone world Ahmadou Kourouma is a literary giant. This is a feat he managed not by producing a lot of writings – the writer, who died in 2003 at the age of 76 in exile in Lyon, wrote six novels, and unlike most writers of his generation, did not engage in writing numerous essays or opinion pieces. Kourouma was that writer who let his books express what he felt. On the anniversary of his death on 11 December 2003, This Is Africa brings you a portrait of the Ivorian literary giant whose unique writing style is unrivalled in his native country.