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Anike aka Cosmic Yoruba is an administrative staff member by day and a writer by night. She spends her free time cooking, eating and watching horror movies. Anike holds a keen interest in history, spirituality, womanism and sexuality.

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Is Princess Vitarah the first example of Nigerian braggadocio?

By now you should have heard the song “Nigerian pussy”. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? In the track Princess Vitarah, an aspiring Nigerian rapper based in the United States, brags about the supremacy of Nigerian pussy with lines such as “Naija pussy is the tightest”. This was enough to guarantee that Princess Vitarah’s song went viral. “Nigerian pussy” trended on Twitter for a while, it generated memes, and even attracted Nigerian superstar Olamide’s attention. Yet Nigerians are still trying to decide whether to love or hate the song.


Ankara Press: Changing the stereotypes of romantic fiction

Many women struggle with norms around gender and relationships, internalising the expectation to be submissive and yielding, while men internalise a hyper-masculinity attached to being the man in the relationship. Ankara Press normalises a departure from these gender norms and perhaps nearer approximate the types of relationships people want to have. Tomorrow, they release their Valentine’s Day anthology