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About the Author Edward Banchs

Edward Banchs is a lifelong metal fan with an MA in African Studies from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. His obsession with Africa and metal currently has him traveling back and forth between America and Africa as he works on the forthcoming book "Heavy Metal Africa: Life, Passion, and Heavy Metal in the Forgotten Continent", due out in 2014/2015.


The quiet rise of heavy metal in Algeria

Unlike elsewhere on the continent where heavy metal and hard rock music are beginning to sprout, large parts of North Africa have enjoyed the styling of distorted guitars and pounding drums for decades. Even though Algeria has seen its share of political and social upheaval, and a well publicised civil war over the years, this has not deterred many from picking up electric guitars and lending their voices to the heavy metal world.

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The quiet rise of heavy metal in South Africa

Away from the eyes of the world, the sub-culture of heavy metal has been healthily bubbling under in South Africa, the result of a generation of musicians and fans growing comfortably with the country’s post-apartheid identity. South Africans have been enjoying rock and metal music for years, yet with a tincture of coverage outside the continent