Jorrit R Dijkstra

About the Author Jorrit R Dijkstra

Jorrit R Dijkstra is an arts & culture journalist, specialized in photography. Born in the Netherlands but living in Australia, he developed a passion for the continent of Africa on his very first visit. Next to his freelance writing he's also the senior editor of Silvershotz, an interactive contemporary photography experience.


Sharing African stories

African photography is on the rise. Following decades of photographic misrepresentation by observers from outside the continent, African photographers are now showing the world what they see through their lens. This is Africa spotlights them in a series of interviews.

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Modern reflection of Africa

Too often media only reports about Africa in a negative way. To illustrate that, an overdose of heart breaking images can be found in any image bank. But start searching for a positive picture and you’ll have to try hard. Agility Africa noticed the same thing and in response launched a photo competition to reflect modern Africa.

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M. is for Mozambique

For many non-Portuguese speaking people the history of Mozambique is unknown. Overshadowed in the media by the situation in their neighboring South Africa, their independence in 1975 after almost a decade of war was not widely reported. Two Dutch photographers however, took special interest in the country, one before and one after this major event. Now the latter has published a photography book combining both their work.