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Stephanie Ohumu is a young Nigerian who writes down what the people in her head tell her to.


Sister Deborah’s ‘Ghana Jollof’ is the latest episode in the jollof war

For years, there has been an unending battle between Nigerians and Ghanaians about who has the best jollof rice. A curious fight seeing as the tasty dish is not native to either country. This argument is one that has been dragged, tugged and tossed about on social media. The latest episode in this unending battle of the jollof was brought about by the release of a song by Sister Deborah.


Celebrating the life of Ken Saro Wiwa Jr.

“For the many colours of your laughter. And the memories of friendship. Since there is no inside joke to crack us up in all of this, you can step on petals without thorns as you stroll home to eternity. For Ken Saro Wiwa Jr.” – artist Victor Ehikhamenor on the death of his friend, Ken Saro Wiwa Jr