Artist and curator Hamed Maiye uses Afro-Portraitism – a project, as a way of bringing artists of different mediums together to explore the art of portraiture within the African diaspora.  The project is a way to express the complexity of the black identity and how it cannot be seen only through one light or from one perspective, according to Okay Africa. Let’s enjoy some visuals from this collaboration.

In an interview with Amarachi Nwosu, Maiye says the project started as a concept. He had to create a contemporary arts movement. Each part of the name has its own significance.

Afro: being of afro/Caribbean culture.

Portrait: a visual representation of someone, usually through painting or photography.

Ism: a practice or a movement. These three components create Afro-Portraitism, which is a movement based on self-representation, particularly for young people of the African diaspora.

These are some pictures from Maiye’s Instragram page, mai-ye.

Afroportraitism images
Source: Screenshots/ Instagram @mai-ye