Despite a slow start, the Serowe District’s health campaign’s strategists are devising more aggresive ways of enticing more men to go for ‘the big snip’, The Monitor reported. Recruiters will now be paid P100 (USD10) for every successful circumcision performed at the facility or P1000 (USD$100) for every 10. Nurses are also being motivated with similar incentives for every procedure they help perform.

The drive is part of targets by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Botswana (CDCB) to curb the spread of HIV/Aids in the country.

“We cannot afford to hit our target and our goal of zero new HIV infections in 2018, at this rate it will take us 20 years and it is not acceptable,“ said Robert Manda of Centre for Disease Control Botswana (CDCB).

Manda noted that this is also a chance for Community Based Organisations (CBO) to generate income for their projects because if they mobilise 100 men they will pocket P10,000 which is a lot and can make a difference in their organisations. he also urged women to play a leading role in this project by encouraging their partners to participate.

The campaign is funded by the United States (US) government to the tune of $5 million (P65 million) through Preparation’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) Botswana. The target is to reach out to 35,000 males aged between 15 and 29 years across Botswana in six months, using five mobile teams.