Nigerian artist Olawale Ashimi who is better known as Brymo was live at Jazzhole for an OṢÓ Intimate Session on the 27th of May. Brymo was promoting his latest album OṢÓ from which the video of his lead single Heya! went viral. Brymo currently has six albums.

Lanre Lawal, the CEO of Clockwyce Distributions who also doubles as Brymo’s manager was the organiser of the event. From a Question and Answer session to giving the stories behind his songs, Brymo intimately entertained the small audience.

Brymo’s new album contains 11 tracks with titles such as Money launderers and heartbreakers, Time is so Kind, and God is in your mind. Brymo’s sixth album dropped on March 27 this year. His previous album titled Klitoris was released in 2016.

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More intimate sessions will take place in Lagos as part of the promotion of the album OṢÓ. The pictures below were taken by Victor Adewale and Benson Ibeabuchi.

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David Ubani, lead guitarist of the band The Lagos Touts.