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South Africa: First Black Woman Commander of a Military Cargo Plane

Today we celebrate South African 31 year old Nandi Zama, who has become the first black woman commander of a military cargo plane in the South African Air Force. Zama who joined the Force straight from high school is not keen to celebrate the African and female part of her achievement as she believes her achievement is where a person should eventually end up in an organisation and that femininity is an enhancing factor and not a limiting one.

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We Need New Critics – Observations from a panel at the Ake Festival

A literary festival panel can be a spectator sport. This was the case at the 2016 edition of the Ake Festival, Nigeria’s (and arguably Africa’s) most glamorous week-long arts and book gathering. ‘Glamorous’ because it attracts big names in literature, intellectuals, thinkers, not only from the continent but the world. Naturally, where stars are, admirers will follow.