In 2015, this reads like a social media joke, but it is legit – the marriage between 57-year old Olufade Adekoya and his 45-year old wife, Olusola, was annulled by the president of the court, Olu Adebiyi, who said that there was clearly “no longer any love in the marriage’’.

Having tried to reconcile the couple several times in the course of the case to no avail, Adebiyi said “I put an end to the union between both of you from today in the interest of peace. Therefore you have ceased to be husband and wife henceforth.”

The husband who pressed for the divorce told the court that his wife does not prepare meals for him regularly. He said that even when she does, the food arrives late. Her attitude, according to him, forces him to  “go to the canteen to eat when I am hungry.” He therefore reasoned that “there is no point harbouring a wife that makes me hungry.”

“My wife had failed in her matrimonial obligations; she doesn’t prepare my food on time, I have warned her several times but she wouldn’t listen to me… Please separate us, I am no more interested in the marriage,’’ he said.

His wife, Olusola, denied the allegations by her husband, and claimed that “he is accusing me wrongly because he wants to take another wife, please help me beg him.”

Source: Premium Times