Last week, the city of Lagos held a two day event for Fashion Finest Africa Fashion Week. Fashions Finest Africa (FFA) debuted on the 27th of May. The event took place at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos and featured young, new, aspiring and emerging designers.

Fashions Finest Africa is produced by Mahogany International, YD Agency in partnership with Fashions Finest UK. The event featured exhibitors, mostly young Nigerians in the fashion industry such as Kuthe, a recognisable fashion brand. Kuthe specialises in tie-dye clothing referred to as adire in Yoruba. Other  fashion designers featured also included House of Moreni, an Abuja based, ready to wear and cut to fit fashion label.

In a statement on its website, Fashions Finest Africa says it is “set to be a platform that assembles the very best fashion industry talents out of Africa so as to expose and showcase their craft, creativity and uniqueness.”
The Nigerian fashion scene is vibrant and more spaces are opened annually for young designers to showcase their work.

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FFA said, “We believe that the very best talents in Africa are still untapped and undiscovered, so we are bringing Fashions Finest to Africa to bridge that gap. We won’t only be paying attention to just the fashion designers but the entire fashion industry will be our forte”.

“Photographers, Make-up Artists, Hairstylists, Fashion Stylists and models with potential and talent will be under our tutelage, as we would also have them trained and mentored by experienced and established industry professionals,” Fashions Finest Africa added.

Fashions Finest Africa
Olutade Ogundele the owner of Kuthe employs the use of tie-dye to create mesmerizing patterns on clothes. The dye doesn’t fade or bleed. Tade entered the clothing business over two years ago and exhibited at Fashions Finest Africa. Photo: Tade Ogundele

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A model wearing a design by House of Moreni. Photo: FamousIsaacs




Fashion Finest Africa
Moreni of House of Moreni on the runway with a model wearing one of her designs that was showcased at the Fashion Finest Africa. Photo: FamousIsaacs